Northcote Private and Commercial School, Armley Town Street, LEEDS

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Is there anyone on forum at the moment who attended Northcote School. I am Ann Dacre nee Marsh - I started at the school in September 1947. I lived at Old Farnley village and travelled by bus every day. I was particularly friendly with Patricia Haigh, Margaret O'Donnel, Susan Nadin, Jacquline Latham, Elaine (cannot remember her surname at the moment, but her dad was a plumber at wingate junction) Carol Cross, but my very very very best friend was Patricia Merritt who started school on the same day as me and we were inseparable. Just remembered Elaines name it was Dewhirst. A girl called Dorothy Rhodes took me to school every day and it was 1 penny (the old one) each way. I started (as did everyone) in Miss Dunn's class and she was a lovely teacher. We were a school of girls but boys were allowed to attend up to the age of 10 and I remember Alan Rawnsley, Darrell Ellison, Trevor Taylor and the grandsons of the Principal of the school Mrs Longstaff they were John, Joe and I believe Howard. They were there until they took entrance exam for Leeds Grammar School. When I started at Northcote the Headmistress was Mrs Harrison and Mrs Plowman took over from her when she retired in about 1953. Mrs Plowman taught children from the age of 8 to 11 and then after that we went up to Mrs Harrison, then to Mrs Cox for general studies and Mrs Pidgeon and Miss Roper for Commercial subjects. I do see a few of the girls quite often and Remember Mavis Greenwood very well. More later!!!!

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Re: Northcote Private and Commercial School, Armley Town Str

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Hallo Marshy...I too attended Northcote School, and I do actually remember you yourself, and many of the names you mentioned, and all of the teachers.
I started in Miss Dunn's class in1948 and moved into Mrs. Plowman's class I think in 1950. I left in 1951, but my sister was still there until 1953/54. My brother also attended 1944-47 but as you said there were not very many boys there. Our surname was Newell, and we lived in Armley and later in Lower Wortley. My sister was Pauline and my name, Susan. Dorothy Rhodes was my sister's best friend, and I remember her well. We were invited to their house to watch the "Coronation of Queen Elizabeth" on their television in 1953. I also remember Christine and Julie Brooks, Julia Kimmings, Anne Birkby and Christine Dancaster. I remember Alan Rawnsley too...didn't his family have a newsagents further up Armley Town Street? There was also a little sweet shop next door to the school run by Miss Dunn's mother, I think.
Nice to find someone who remembers the old school. It was lovely! Wonder if you remember me... :?:

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Re: Northcote Private and Commercial School, Armley Town Street, LEEDS

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My father went to Northcote school in the 1920s when it was called Miss Briggs.My cousin Winnie Ryder taught elecution at that time.It changed later to Northcote.I am Margaret Heal I attended from 1956 to 1968 . I remember Derek and David Holmes my dad use to give you a lift to your grandma.Mrs Plowman use to come and stay out at Filey with us and Audrey Pidgeon also use to come out and have holidays with my family right up to their deaths Jennie lived well into her 90s she went deaf and almost blind towards the end I use to go over every Sunday to take her for lunch.Audrey died not long after she had a very bad heart and actually died on the phone to her daughter . We all had a good grounding at Northcote no bullying. I remember both Jennie and Audrey with great affection and the many laughs we had on their holidays out to me in Filey . I look at schools today and think they could do with a few Jennie Plowman and Audrey Pidgeons .The school was owned by the Longstaffs. Their children John,Susan, Joe and Janet all attended both John died sometime ago ,Joe who was a solicitor in Scarborough died suddenly last year.I wonder who remembers Mrs Hudson the dance teacher Mrs Passmore the elocution teacher.Miss Dunn with giant earphones hair do , mrs Hill who could be savage when her knees hurt .Mrs Taylor lived in the 3rd house down from the school she use to be a nice lady ,I remember alot of names in the photos .My 2 older brothers also attended Northcote

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