Leeds Central Market, Duncan Street before Leeds Market

Bunkers, shelters and other buildings
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Trawling for photos of King's Mills, Isle of Cynder etc I came across these photo images of Leeds Central Market on Duncan Street.The first two'21st June 1895. 2 views of Central Market on Duncan Street, taken during improvements and repairs following a fire in 1893'. This gives some hope for finding Isle of Cynder photos. All are on Leodis search Central Market +/or Central Rd.Finally I have a postcard image, sadly undated, of 'Corn Exchange, Leeds' which shows the Central Market Building well.    
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Very interesting pix. those Jogon.
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Johnny39 wrote: Very interesting pix. those Jogon. What absolutely wonderful pictures - and stunning to see that this square building preceded the present "curved" shops which now lead round into Market Street.Amazing to me ,too, is the fact that my dear old Dad would have been just five years old and would have no doubt been taken shopping from his home in Carlton Hill - if only those folks could come back now, and tell us what it was really like then eh ??
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From the Leeds Mercury
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liits wrote: From the Leeds Mercury I really enjoyed reading that old news snippet, it brought to life what happened the night of the fire with a wonderful description of the evenings events.Regards.

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Re: Leeds Central Market, Duncan Street before Leeds Market

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Central market
Central market
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Central market
Central market
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