Lost stately homes

Bunkers, shelters and other buildings
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motleywill wrote: cnosni wrote: Inerestingly i can find nothing on Knostrop new hall on Leodis,there is however some pictures of Osmondthorpe Hall,of which i am going to TRY and attach to this message,as usual it will probably fail so look for the usual follow up message with a link.Any way im pretty sure that the wall immediately adjacent to the house on the left remains. Someone on Leodis has described the building as Georgian,but id say its older than that,look at those windows in the middle on the ground and first floor,perhaps the windows on the left of the building are newer repalcements or part of a later extension,but those in the middle seem to predate the stylle of the mid to late 18th century,what does any one think? I am looking for any information about Osmondthorpe Hall - I am just beginning my family History and it appears that James Motley (4xgt grandfather) lived there at the end of the eighteenth century. I know very little about my family in Leeds but have traced them back to about 1650. The pictures of the Hall linked from here look very gloomy but it is certainly older than Georgian and was once quite a substantial house. I am just starting my Leeds search so any help would be gratefully received! Hello MotleywillThere is a dedicated part of Secret leeds for family history.Start a thread on this and you will attract the attention of others who have done their FH,including me.
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Just to add that I have also, as a new reader, found this a really interesting thread. Especially about the disappeared stately houses of Knowsthorpe. I am confident, from the early OS maps, that there are three different such houses (Old Hall, New Hall and House), but can anyone clear up the captions to the photos on the Leodis site?1) Knowsthorpe (Knostrop) Old Hall. The home of the wonderful Atkinson Grimshaw. http://www.leodis.net/display.aspx?reso ... fier=8754I have no problem with this one. It is absolutely the Old Hall.2) Knowsthorpe (Knostrop) New Hall. The home of George Leather (Junior), infamous civil engineer (designed the Bilberry Dam which collapsed in 1837, killing 81) from 1837 til 1870; then home of his son William Henry Leather, land agent for the Meynall-Ingrams of Temple Newsam (who sold the land for the Sewage works at Knowstrop). Is this the "Knowsthorpe Hall" athttp://www.leodis.net/display.aspx?resourceIde ... =8954Frank Watson's comment to the photo on the Leonis site is that "This is Knostrop HOUSE", but I am uncertain that it is the back view of the house below:3) Knowsthorpe House(I don't know who lived here...)Is this the photo labelled "Knowsthorpe House (Cross Green)" at:http://www.leodis.net/display.aspx?reso ... er=8963Can anyone clear this up? Are these photos of the same grand place? And are these photos really of Knowsthorpe New Hall or are they of Knowsthorpe House?

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jf was trying to find out about Wyther House [Bottom of Armley Ridge Road]. Any success? Have seen interior photo when it was hospital - legend said that it started after WW1 as private establishment for babies ; Too costly and taken over by Leeds Council as infants hospital ; lasted until WW2 when occupants evacuated to Knaresborough.It must have been demolished shortly after because maps show it as built over with houses by 1950s.interested in history of its use and owners when it was a private house - jf, did you find out anymore on possible ownership by Gott family?

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Possibly a little known one here but Iveson house has been pulled down.The house was situated behind Iveson Primary school and has been used for many purposes. It has been an old peoples home, a mental health institute and also home to many asylum seekers.The house had stood empty for a few years and the council did plan to make use of the grand old building again, however, the head teacher of iveson school opposed the re use of the house saying that anybody could move into there and this may put the school children at risk. It was demolished in the summer of 2006.Just two weeks before it was pulled down, me and my friend had a look around and were astonished that demolition would even be considered. Apart from some broken false cielings and a knackered lift shaft (just full of debris) the house seemed to be in pretty good shape. It still had its old chandeliers fitted and the kitchen even still had its appliances and crockery.Shame it went, I have some great memories of taking our collected food from the school up to the old folk at Harvest Festival.

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Shame about Iveson House, named after a well known Leeds family.It too remember taking stuff there for the harvest festival.Have they decided to build upon the woodland behind?because there are quite a lot of stone age sites in there, and they are scheduled, I think the area is supposed to be a site of special scientific interest too.

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Are these the ABC houses in the background close to Skelton Grange?

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To clarify the Motley's lived at Osmondthorpe Hall, which is where the YMVC used to exist. It burnt down in 1924. Osmondthorpe Old Hall was situated, on Osmondthorpe Lane near to the ginnel, this was demolished in the 1930s, if you look on Leodis, it is this building that photogtaphs exist for.Just to add in the 1880s, when there was a proposal to build a racecourse and cricket arena the site of Osmondthorpe Hall would have housed the cricket pavilion.The Motleys appear to have left the Hall by about 1809, it seems to have been built in the 1720s.    

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I found this list of lost stately homes in Yorkshire:http://lh.matthewbeckett.com/lh_complet ... shireQuite a few have photos.
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blackprince - really good link you posted there. it lists kippax park which i was going to mention, i think it was in the field next to ours but i need to check. i remember seeing the pics before of it, such a shame as it was what i would call a "proper" stately home.

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