Ken Dodd.

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Ken Dodd.

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As one of the Many who had the priviledge to see Ken Dodd live at Batley Variety Club. I also watched the Funeral Ceremony yesterday and at the end was an absolute Gem which i am sure will turn up time after time in the future and i am convinced Doddy would have loved. As people were leaving the Cathedral a Sky Reporter stopped The Liverpool comic Jimmy Tarbuck just for a few words, as Tarby was replying a little old Lady came up and said "Are you Roy Hudd "? Tarbuck replied "Yes I am and" went off. This little old Lass then asked the Sky Interviewer "Are You Roy Hudd ?"
As i mentioned earlier i would have Sir Ken would have lovd the little clip.

Good By and R.I.P.

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Re: Ken Dodd.

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He was a one off i am sorry i never saw him you could take young children to his show not so with a lot of comedians now.We have lost a lot of good comedy acts over the past few years and no one is taken there place.Has for alternative comics i just dont understand them or is it just me.?
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Re: Ken Dodd.

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Have seen Ken Dodd 3 times he was hilarious ! He had his audience in fits of laughter. He's shows always ran over the time they were supposed to finish. Each time I and a friend went to see his show we had to get taxis home having each time getting out of the theatre too late for the last bus home. There will never be anyone else like him !

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