Whitewick's Abandoned Railways

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Whitewick's Abandoned Railways

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This couple have pledged to visit every disused railway station in Britain. They are making videos and have a drone as well:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJV1EC ... QYo9eUfd3Q

I have checked their spreadsheet and they have plenty of Leeds stations on it eg. Pudsey Greenside, Leeds Central and Osmondthorpe. Spreadsheet is on this page:


They recently visited Manchester and made a video with Martin Zero, so for Leeds if anybody wants to help them out...?

I think this is the future: making videos with drones and including the maps and history in it. Internet discussion boards have run their course as far as I'm concerned.

I tried to post this at the Facebook group of Phil you-know-who but he rejected it of course. Doesn't play well with others is the phrase that springs to mind. That group only publishes photos of stuff that people dredged from the canal now, so it's pretty boring and I left so he can't even throw me out now :lol: .

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