Public Services at Farnley Moor Top

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Re: Public Services at Farnley Moor Top

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Hi Lynnthepin did I spell that correctly.
I have been researching Batesons in Wortley for some while not.
I do find the John Bateson Elder and Younger very confusing and also now you mention a James Bateson the Elder. Hmm.
I have seen a family tree for John Bateson the Younger of Farnley which is on the internet and comes up with google search. I do wonder if this is one family or if there were two branches beginning earlier say around 1700 and then people have confused them.
I have a JOhn Bateson of 1739 whose will of 1811 proves conclusively some of the family and connections for his descendants anyway. This family were Wortley and had Low Wortley Mills on Whitehall road and were connected to Thomas Lupton another Clothier family of Wortley who died very wealthy so not sure if you are connected or not.
John Bateson of 1739 had a son james who lived at Highfield House in Wortley and owned Nan Tan House and Aspen Ing - he and his brother Mathew owned most of Wortley in the end and other bits and bobs as well.
I do wonder if John the Younger is actually the son of this John Bateson.
Anyway that might all just confuse you!
James Bateson of Ings House which is Ings Farm I am sure ( it is on the Maps of 1847) may or may not be connected to this family in Wortley he was a big farmer renting a lot of land and he and his sons will for sure have also been Clothiers in Farnley. There also connect to the Beulah at some point and to the windmill in Farnley. Son John may have been a maltster too.

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