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Re: Leodis/Loidis

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tyke bhoy wrote:Thanks Black Prince your ancient 'M62' certainly makes some sense as a later forerunner of the M62 followed a similar route at least as far as Skipton and the canal builders would certainly have been looking for the most easty traverse of the Pennines. What is curious though is that having reached Ilkley why not just continue along the fairly flat Wharfe valley to Tadcaster instead of the southern diversion to Adel and then back north? Not only does it appear a diversion but it also meant at some stage climbing the ridge that at various stages constitutes Ilkley Moor, Otley Chevin, Pool Bank or Harewood Bank.
This extract from my history notes is NOT the Roman route, but you might find it of interest anyway.
The ancient Kings Highway was described as a bridleway which ran from Tadcaster to Leeds, it crossed the northern part of Whin Moor from Thorner to Red Hall, to Elemet Lane, turned south via Asket Hill, Dibb Lane, Oakwood Lane, Coldcotes, then to Leeds via to Foundry Approach and Stoney Rock Lane.
The principal residences were Penwell Farm, White Laithe Farm, Lime Kiln House, Pigeon Cote Farm, Grange Farm, HillTop, Tottie Hall, Seacroft Hall, Morwick Hall, Grymes Dyke, Hannah Hills House,(Hawthorns), Morwick Farm, Manston Hall, Hill Top Farm, Coldwell Farm Spikeland Nook and
Foundry Mill,

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Re: Leodis/Loidis

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Thank-you everyone for the wealth of information here I really enjoyed reading it all. I guess it's pretty unlikely Romans settled here but you never know things are being found all the time. I just like to let my imagination run wild like I like to imagine what the tower hill refered to by Thoresby looked like or the castle. It's hard to imagine this huge city being a few hundred people

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Re: Leodis/Loidis

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polos wrote: It's hard to imagine this huge city being a few hundred people
I am stating what is probably obvious but every city/town/village will have started with a grouping of a few dwellings. Also what you describe as a huge city is actually a large number of these groupings. If you are talking about the current Leeds City boundaries as defined in the Metroplitan area created in 1974 we have 4 towns (Pudsey, Morley, Rothwell and Otley) plus a large number of villages including the likes of Beeston that although less thna 3 miles from central Leeeds was clearly a separate village into the 18th anfd probably nineteenth century but does appear in the Doomsday maps
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Re: Leodis/Loidis

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I should think the first settlers would have made camp on what was the Quarry Hill site two necessity's being met a good defensive position and a good water supply.Sheepscar beck is only a few hundred yards away it has been stated in the past evidence of settlement has been found there obliterated now by development. I have read somewhere a concrete ford was found on the river bed near East Street this was thought to be roman this would make sense if it was a road to the camp at Blackmoor Adel i only say this has to my knowledge Adel is the only camp i know close to the place we call Leeds.
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