The Chapeltown Tramway Depot

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Re: The Chapeltown Tramway Depot

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There's a lttle book called "Leeds In The Age of The Tram 1950-59" by Graham Twidale (ISBN 1 85794 187 x). On page 81 there is a picture of the interior of Chapeltown Depot with inspection pits visible. I suspect the door way you can see at the back is probably an electricity sub station to which LCC simply do not have access. The other picture on that page is one that has appeared on this site. Those two pictures alongside of other pictures on this trail show the extent of the remodeling - the front at Harrogate Road side has been completely remodeled.. I am pretty certain there was no rear entrance during the time I was growing up and I suspect the back remained much as it had been until around some work in the mid 80s to convert it to Technorth. When it first opened (as Technorth) it housed several small businesses, and all except for two have subsequently moved on. Incidentally, on page 83 of the same book there is a picture of a utility "tram" entering the depot from the road (Technorth isn't actually visible, but having grown up in the area, it's quite recognisable to me). The book also confirms my memory of it being a supplies depot during the 60s and 70s etc.

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Re: The Chapeltown Tramway Depot

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Thanks - have bid on Ebay for a copy of the book so hopefully it will be in my hands soon.

If the side door was a substation, I'd expect there to be some kind of safety signage on the door to indicate this, and there's nothing like that. Still a mystery!

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