The area Sandford in Bramley?

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The area Sandford in Bramley?

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Anyone know anything about the history of this area? It seems like 'Sandford' is just interchangable with 'the Broadlea Estate.' Was it called Sandford back when Bramley was a village independent of Leeds? And why do some people still use it today, when that area is just Bramley?

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Re: The area Sandford in Bramley?

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I believe that the name derives from Sandford House a large house that used to sit part way up Bramley Hill.
Bramley as it is now called seemed envelop much smaller communities such as Moorside, Beecroft Hill, New Scarbro and Town End

Bramley is listed in the 1086 Domesday Book as Brameleia and Bramelie
Is this the end of the story ...or the beginning of a legend?

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Re: The area Sandford in Bramley?

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As a former Bramley resident, I can only think of two places with the name Sandford.

The first was the Sandford Arms, a prominent boozer on Broad Lane in its heyday ... darms.html

but now demolished.

The other was the Girls' Secondary Modern, which is mentioned a couple of times on Leodis but without any pictures.

In terms of the request for history, I must have done a licensing enquiry at the Sandford Arms at some point, but I can't remember what it was. I do remember the licensing file which went back to its opening, which was relatively recent compared with many pubs, sometime in the 1930's IIRC. The reason the file sticks in my memory is it included a detailed report of the opening which was quite ceremonial: the police inspector writing the report had attended and the landlord had produced to him the justices' on licence which authorised the sale etc..... I don't think that there had been a brass band in attendance but not far short of that. Times change.

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Re: The area Sandford in Bramley?

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The Sandford Arms was a rough old place in the very late 1950s.Myy pal and i had occasion to go there and straighten a couple of lads out, having done so we had to make a veryswift exit as the local Mafia gathered.

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