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More detail on the larger size mapping. ... 115&lm=1If you use GOOGLE CHROME as your browser, a very useful add on is "AWSOME SCREENSHOT" ... akblofbmce

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Sounds like a great idea! We moved to Kirkstall (near Hawksworth woods) a couple of years ago and are still finding our way around, so it would be really useful to have a guide to all the potential places to walk, especially with some historical information. Good luck with the project!

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You might find this useful, used these walks many times and are a good idea of what you can do.

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Volunteers needed in Hawksworth Woods tomorrow (Saturday): ... nce/394154
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hello all, just reading about hawksworth wood, does anyone know anything of the quarry which was there? my g,g,g great grandad worked as a delver there and was killed in a terrible accident in 1859 when 15 tonnes of earth came crashing down, forcing him into a carriage wheel which basically chopped him in half, rupturing and disembowelling him. he was 37 at the time and i suppose there was no such thing as health and safety then.
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Mark S wrote: You might find this useful, used these walks many times and are a good idea of what you can do. Mark, fair point. We've often used that- the format, layout and info are the right tempo and far better than many 'guide books'.In-depth local knowledge + some enthusiasm is far better than local government.Another possible method is here ... dfAlthough I've lived around various parts of mvt, I only discovered it properly in the past few years, quite amazing too - all the way from Adel to Town, and mainly wooded.Likewise, adding to Johns theme is the green artery of L&L Canal, almost connecting onto the woods mentioned, taking you to Leeds centre or Saltaire (or Liverpool...).

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jonleeds wrote: I'm fortunate to live in a part of Leeds which is surrounded by multiple areas of woodlands(see map above). I'm surprised that Leeds city council hasnt made more of this resource...... I've got the kernel of an idea to create something, maybe a facebook page or website of my own with maps and photos etc outlining potential routes that could be taken to explore these woodland areas with a view to creating routes to link these woodlands by passing through the least built up areas as possible. Anyroad, if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions please let me know what you think. Maybe I ought to keep this crazy idea secret as it might just be a daft idea.     Not crazy at all Jon, brilliant Idea.The Council's parks and countryside people do a bit, and fair play to their sign boarding and path laying at Breary Marsh where one can partly circuit from cookridge, via pinfold lane to the Marsh, Golden acre and back via the pond and golf course.But I'd love other routes. I had a council map of pathways around NW Leeds and out to Bramhope, Otley and Eccup. In trying to pick my own circuits I was often blocked by overgrown disused paths, and dead ends where farmers were inhospitable.One problem seems to be that if routes don't do a circuit people don't do them as readily so although there's some brilliant, scenic and deeply historic "one way" routes like Meanwood Beck they don't get used that well. Even on the Meanwood Beck route I tried to do it from Golden Acre and you come up against a blocked off bridleway. I have walked to Leeds using the one way routes. The Canal is glorious and feels a lot safer since people started living along it, and cyclists and joggers using it. Meanwood Beck needs better signposting and routing to ensure people stay off the main road as much as possible especially after leaving the park where some lovely back routes take you past such as the Tannery.Moseley Wood Beck from the Bramhope tunnel portal to Kirkstall forge would be a marvellous route if clear and open pathways and access took you down it, lot's of history and interesting features, but again one way. Still if you get the local transport into Leeds and then walk home - wonderful.There's so much you could do to recommend and clarify/detail routes from experience not from maps, and to add in all the history to watch out for. Leaving this sort of stuff to the council isn't a good idea Jon.

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Following on from raveydavey's post, the spring clean in Hawksworth Woods today was a great success. By 1 o'clock, the ranger's van was packed with bin liners full of rubbish, leaving the woods mainly litter free.

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This sounds like a good test project for the new mapping and wiki functions of the soon-to-be-updated SL website! It'll be going live in a couple of weeks, and I can give you access to a demo version in the mean time if you fancy having a nosey round some of the new features?
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Post by Mark S » ... bgK9cUHope the link works. It is a bit ruff n ready in no, but im starting to try n put something together for myself to keep a record of my walks n such.

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