Schofield’s Toy Department

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Schofield’s Toy Department

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I remember around summer 1968 that Schofield’s dept. store had a number of events on for kids, one being a puppet show. However the one which I remember clearly was a huge working model airport, built by a retired airline pilot. I think his name was Captain Carney. There were model planes (supported by rods) taking off and landing and cars moving around the perimeter. The captain did a show at intervals with a commentary on what the planes were etc. It’s funny what sticks in your mind, as one of the set pieces was the 1960s Batmobile being chased by the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car. As a kid I was most unimpressed that he thought Batman was the bad guy.
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Re: Schofield’s Toy Department

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Good old Schofields I was on a youth opportunities programme there for six months in 1981 .i did one month on different departments. .one of which was the toy Christmas. Oh yes. Great fun. They had a massive scalextric car racing game there set up for the festive season. With all the scenery etc. It was great. The public would get to have a lap and it was all refereed by me. The fastest time at the end of the week won a scalextric set. I have to say. I actually had the fastest time overall because I could practice all day and I knew all the corners etc. The prize eventually went to a lad of about 10 who with his mum was visiting Leeds for the day. A big presentation was held with mr Schofield,mr Jones and mr Bradbury there ,photos taken by the evening post. .great publicity for the store and I had great fun. Then they moved me to the food hall. No fun and games there. Good times

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