Certain people in Leeds.

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Certain people in Leeds.

Post by Reynard1965 »

Hello to all members,
I'm totally new to this particular site and i'm very interested in (secret Leeds.)
I have a quick question for many of our members who may be able to help myself regarding my question of a friend who lives in Leeds, first I think he lived in Armley, nowadays I think he is living in Bramley.Does anyone know of a certain well known guy called Les Gedge? I met him at a dog show in Sheffield approx 34-35 years a go. Any anecdotes of Les would be of interest to myself and would be much appreciated.
Thank you reynard1965.

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Re: Certain people in Leeds.

Post by blackprince »

Hi Reynard, welcome to SL.
He was mentioned as still living in Bramley in 2004 in this YP article
https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/ ... -1-2260495

What was his claim to fame? You might have more luck on social media , linked in etc.There are people of that name on FB connected with rough shooting ( pigeons not ruffians!).
It used to be said that the statue of the Black Prince had been placed in City Square , near the station, pointing South to tell all the southerners who've just got off the train to b****r off back down south!

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