Work on Leeds Bridge.

Bunkers, shelters and other buildings
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Re: Work on Leeds Bridge.

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I agree with tilly about the photographs Leodian. in the 1950s i worked in a building which overlooked Concordia Street so there was a clear view of the river and barges where constantly coming and unloading into the wharehouses opposite.

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Re: Work on Leeds Bridge.

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The work on Leeds Bridge seems to have ended. This a photo I took from Lower Briggate on July 9 2019 showing Bridge End road and across Leeds Bridge. There were a lot of people around but I managed to take the photo just when there were few people in view (the bus in the rear had just gone over Leeds Bridge). I took the photo just before 12:00 but it is just a coincidence that the clock shows 12:00 as it has been stuck at that time for ages!
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