Where is this 1882 date located?

How well do you know Leeds?
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Re: Where is this 1882 date located?

Postby Leodian » Mon 30 Mar, 2015 2:30 pm

j.c.d. wrote:Am coming up to my beloved Leeds on Thursday for a few days so will have a "skeg out " to see if I can come across it. is this building outside Leeds please ?
Hi j.c.d. :).

I think it's time to state where the feature is. It is on the outside of the long redundant chapel at what used to be the Eastmoor Reformatory School for boys in Adel. The chapel has been sealed off for a few years now so legal access inside is not possible (I've never been inside). There is still a large building remaining of the School but that is also sealed off. A very close-by 'Adel Beck Secure Children's Home' is well on its way to being built but that has security boarding or fencing round it. Judging by the high and complex looking wire fence that can just be seen at the site in the rear near Adel Beck they certainly intend to be sure that children don't get out, as it looks like prison fencing!

As to is the site worth going to then I would say not unless you are in the area and intend also going elsewhere, as there is little to see now. The first two photos in this post were taken on March 25 2015 and show views of the chapel (the date feature is on the second). The third was taken on October 18 2013 and shows a dedication on the chapel. That has the date October 18 and (on the bottom stone) 1881, so it seems the 1882 date is presumably when the chapel had been built (that I took that photo of the dedication on the same date 132 years after that was pure coincidence!).
Eastmoor Reformatory School chapel March 25 2015.
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Eastmooor Reformatory School chapel March 25 2015.
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Eastmoor Reformatory School chapel Oct 18 2013.
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Re: Where is this 1882 date located?

Postby j.c.d. » Mon 30 Mar, 2015 3:33 pm

Thanks for all the info, bet it was an awful place for a kid to be in there in those days, shame a use can't be found for so many of this type of buildings that stand empty. Roll on Thursday.

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