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many thanks for posting that pic. i was an estates officer at the LGI for a number of years and st pancras was one of my favourite secret spots. id often go in there for a few mins when passing through old x-ray, just to take in the view that most people never see. i once mentioned st pancras to a lady who had worked in x-ray for 20 odd years - she had passed the anonymous door so many times. when i showed her in there she was gobsmacked.

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My Mother began taking me to the Leeds General about 1938 when i was diagnosed with knock knees. my knee caps were not growing in proportion and so i was given the choice of wearing leg irons or beeing a cripple. the problem was that the only place they could be purchased was Vizards in Great George St. They had to be bought by my parents. Quite expensive and easily broken. They had straps to hold them in place. When i older i had to go to Roundhay Hall for exercising and coming home from there i used have toke some abuse from the local kids as i walked stiff legged home.
Fortunately when i was about 10 they decided i could take off the leg irons and go to normal school.
Meanwhile i was continuing my appointments at the Infirmary eye dept. for a lazy left eye . My Ma and i used to spend hours there and they stuck plaster over the good one saying that this would make the lazy one work. (over 80 years later ) it is still the same )
Then in the 1970s i used to lose my voice every winter so the used give me a tablet that would disolve around my mouth. Bloody awful Butt that was nothing compared to what i had to go through with the constant runs from the other end a few years later. @T Anus.
I went in and a little old lady hooked me up to a machine and said "When i have finished with you, you will be cleaner than the day you were born" later she remarked that Princess Diana used to pay hundreds of pounds for this. I then joined some other fellows ans we went into booths like large grehound traps. The Specialist came by and when i had been examined the nurse came in and said"With your permission the Doctor would like a small sample of tissue for analysis" What it turned out to be that she inserted these long nosed
pliers and ripped a piece from the INSIDE to my bum. "Then she said Now that was not so bad was it, get dressed and we will be in touch . I got dressed, I went downstairs out to the carpark, drove stood up i think it was to Cookridge and then let out this mighty scream.

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