Documentary on Underground Tram System - HELP NEEDED

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Post by Brunel »

More info. inLEEDS TRAMS 1932-1959Andrew D Young Part 5, page 27

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Hi hope you are well and again thank you to anyone who helped out. The documentary is finished had a few problems such as my partner on the project catching a flesh eating disease in thailand which bore into his shin and left him unable to walk on one of the days shoots and hospitalised again. It is up on youtube though for you to have a look at, it's not earth shattering but i hope you find interesting all the same as well enjoy the relaxed and toned down way in which it is presented.Mel if you happen to see this i shall be sending you a dvd copy next week.Part One: Two:, Terry

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Well i've just had a look at part one Terry.It looks very good so far.Very interesting, I'll go watch part two now lol.Well done!
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Doesn't it make a pleasant change to get some feedback when a little help has been given? You've obviously put quite some effort into this and it's interesting to see so much of the legthy SL discussion on related elements brought together quite succinctly in this.I wonder what other preliminary investigations and remains there may be waiting to be found.

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Sounds interesting, Terry - I'll have a look at these this evening, and thanks very much for sharing them with the Forum!

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Same here. I'll check it out tonight.    
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Hey good job you've done there terry.Your reporting style reminds me of a young johnny VaughanI see bright things for you in the industry.
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Very interesting. Well done

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Nice piece of work, Tel. Reminds me of the Harry Gration presented Leeds Supertram film I was involved with back in 1990ish. I don't have a copy, I'm afraid.    

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Post by Tasa »

Terry, I've just had a look at both parts of your documentary, and I'm really impressed with both your production/presentation and your research. I imagine that this is currently a unique record on film of that proposed underground transport system, so very well done!I'll be interested to hear the results of the public consultation by Transport for Leeds which was mentioned in your film. Meanwhile, congratulations on a great piece of research and production, and thanks again for sharing the results with this forum!

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