Underground cash distribution centre

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Re: Underground cash distribution centre

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Does the underground centre also go all the way to Kirkstall Abbey?

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Re: Underground cash distribution centre

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I remember seeing the police escorted convoys making deliveries to this facility a few times between 1970 and 75 They used to turn left off the Headrow down Park Row or East Parade ( I can't remember which after this length of time). These were the most secure convoys I had seen at the time. It was the first time I noticed code numbers on the vehicle roofs, for identification from the air, which is now commonplace. Naturally they aroused curiosity and discussion at the time. A commonly held theory was that the "armoured vans" contained millions of old bank notes destined for destruction by the Bank of England. I never saw the final destination of these convoys but either of the locations suggested in the previous posts would be possibilities. Did the Bank of England still have a Branch in Leeds in the early 70's?
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Re: Underground cash distribution centre

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The Bank of England still has a branch in Leeds. FWIW, it's the national place that deals with damaged banknotes.

https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/banknot ... -banknotes

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Re: Underground cash distribution centre

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