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Re: LGI ventilation shaft?

Post by MiggyBill »

Hello everyone, forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere, I have trawled through quite a few topics to see but not found anything.
Does anybody know what's beneath ground level where this, what I assume to be a ventilation shaft is? It's at the entrance to the A&E dept. of the LGI on Clarendon Way

Image taken from google earth view.
LGI 1a.jpg
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Post by mhoulden »

It's difficult to tell from Streetview but there's some kind of machine stored there: https://goo.gl/maps/RfWRdD1H2MTrqY2f7

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Post by MiggyBill »

Thanks mhoulden, didn't think to look at that side...….doh!! I dropped my daughter at a&e this morning and noticed it on my way out.
Thought it might have been some underground tunnel, never mind. Thanks again.

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Post by Leodian »

These are 3 photos that I took at the site on October 3 2019. The second one is looking through the security gate that is seen in the Streetview link provided by mhoulden. That gate is below and left out of view of the blue post in the first photo where the 2 cars are parked on the right in the view provided by MiggyBill. The round building has gas piping inside but it does seem to be an over elaborate construction if it's just to securely cover gas pipes.

Though I'm fairly often only a few minutes walk from the area it was however the first time I've been there in many years, so it was new to me!
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