Haunted places in Leeds

Hauntings, spectres and other supernatural tales
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cnosni wrote: p wrote: Leeds Lass wrote: I remember that murder in the 80's and yes it was in the butchers shop!! Just on the left as you go down the side of the Yorkshire bank. Think their may have been 2 murders on that street as I remember a bakers on Fish Street called Firth and Payne (took a while to think of it's name!) where a body was found inside the shop during the late 80s or early 90s. Think it was the owner but may be wrong. Yes i remember it,i worked close by at the time.I think the murderer set alight to the shop,the fire brigade came,and then found the body.Not sure what happened viz the murderer =Re The Fish Street murder at the bakers shop. Fire briggade called police as the building was alight. On arrival the victims body was found. The offender had previously worked at the shop and had stolen some items of food the previous day, as a result of this he had been sacked and this was the apparent motive for the murder. He had gone into Leeds that day and purchased, what can only be described as a "Rambo knife." He then this together with a large pair of scissors to carry out his attack on the victim. He then got a taxi home from the scene covered in blood! Hence he was arrested within 4 hours of committing the crime. Hope this helps..

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p wrote: Leedsrich wrote: Dont know if this is any help but a friend of mine went to mount st marys and he used to tell me about a piano being played when the school was empty, the caretaker reported this apparently. He also mentioned something about a church or something attatched to the school? He told me some stories about this too, how true these are im not sure, maybe just rumours? But the music/piano story is true as far as im concerned. My friend isn't a beleiver in ghosts and would never mention anything about the paranormal unless he was pretty sure what he's been told is true. Just to let you know Mount St Mary's is known to be haunted by a nun and may also be haunted by as group of Polish or Russian homeless labourers working on part of the school site. I vaguley remember a teacher mentioning that the school prior to it being a school was a home for nuns connected to Mount St Marys church next door, not sure why a nun haunts the school, but it was mentioned in a tour of the school by said teacher that a nun frequently walks round the school at night. Many locals have also mentioned about 3 Polish or Russian labourers who sought shelter from a really cold night back in the 60s in the school's boiler room, the fumes from the boiler unfortunatly affected them and they died. In case anybody on here who went there is curious, I went there between 1989 and 1993. I went there 1976-83, when there were still a couple of nuns on the teaching staff. There used to be a convent there, and the nuns 'cells' were used by the Upper 6th form as study rooms.Before the dining room was moved to the hall it was near the top of the building (I think it changed to the cookery and needlework rooms) and there was one small staircase that led further up, and was out of bounds, which we were told was haunted, it did seem quite creepy around there.I don't remember hearing about Polish/Russian labourers though.

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franwick wrote:Brilliant site - i was amazed to see donisthorpe hall on shadwell lane mentioned there. That is weird because i used to work there, and although it is a fairly new and modern building, it is creepy in parts. I remember the guy who had the job of walking around the grounds at night, with his torch, always used to say he felt uneasy, even if he had someone with him. Just shows it`s not always the old buildings..

Hi I have worked for donisthorpe hall for 9 years.
When I worked nights - buzzers would go off in rooms not occupied, radio would turn on. When I went to do checks and I paused bbc iPlayer it would un pause when I came back. My college used to here foot steps. Iv seen shadows - it scary on a night. I worked end of life so seen lots of dead bodies - and I used to have to take them to the morg!

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Re: Haunted places in Leeds

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Am still working my way through this most wonderful site, i have been a member for a few years now but am still catching up with previous posts.
Just found this ref. Mt. St. Mary's School. I went there from approx. 1944 and the Boy's School (now demolished ) was on Church Road, Then there were the steps up to the Church and the Girls Orphanage directly opposite. Back down on Church Road there was the Nunnery and i recall the old beggars been given bread and hot soup on a
morning by the Nuns. as we were all on limited food i would not have minded some of that myself. The only other Buildings i remember was the Priests House, quite a Grand place as i recall which was again up by the Church, apart from that there was the Junior School alongside the Church and the Girls School opposite.
All in all a grim place, as kids we never heard of anything like Haunting or suchlike. The Male and Nun Teachers were quite enough for young people at that time.
On a recent visit to my beloved Birthplace i went on what is left of Church Road and all that remains of the Boys School is the threshold stone. I climbed the steps to have look at the Church but could not any further than the top one as it is cordoned off.
Will keep looking to see if there is any more information about the Church / School.

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