Upstairs Downstairs Armley

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Upstairs Downstairs Armley

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In February 1981 I started going to this amazing place, aged 17, for my work friends birthday. I continued to go every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for about 4 years until I met my wife and life went downhill (only kidding). I was always there for when it opened at 7.30, and stayed till it closed at 12 midnight. I loved dancing, and it had a nice dance floor and played a great mix of music. The DJ was called Darryl, a very good looking chap who clearly loved himself, and was adored by the ladies. They had great New Years Evening parties, when everyone got dressed up and both floors were used.
The last song was Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straights, and when that came on, you either grabbed the girl or went home alone. I loved the place, met some great people, danced for days and days, and wish I could go back and do it all again, fumbles and all.

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Re: Upstairs Downstairs Armley

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When I was going in 'UD' there was always a tense atmosphere like it was going to kick off at any minute...haha
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Re: Upstairs Downstairs Armley

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Me, and my pals at the time, were some of the first to join the UD in the Summer of 1975. The owner was called Derek Smith and he used to be the booker at Batley Variety. He was a bit of a sleeze (for boys) and would be called predatory nowadays, shame really as he was a really good laugh.
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Re: Upstairs Downstairs Armley

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I went in mid 70s, it realy took over from the Armley baths gigs [amazing]. Found it, and the people very aloof and clanish {and I only lived half a mile away}

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Re: Upstairs Downstairs Armley

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