Competition - Gaslamps

Leeds by gaslight. Let's make a record of them all, before they go.
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Leodian wrote: An absolutely totally 100% shot-in-the-dark guess Jogon but I wonder if that part under the cross bar may just possibly by chance be where the steps were (? still are but blocked off) that you have mentioned in the past that lead to/from The Calls to the River Aire. That is of course only the merest hint of a suggestion of a possibility that I might be right! Spot on Leo. The steps up for many a sailor to The Old Parrot Hotel.

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Re: Competition - Gaslamps

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This is the same book BillyBritvic mentions, with the map in it. There is a list in the back. It's a fair few years old now, but should be a good source to work from.

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Re: Competition - Gaslamps

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Another one found, hidden in a garden.
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Re: Competition - Gaslamps

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Well I've gone through all 23 pages and haven't seen this mentioned so hopefully I can tick this off my list as I want to get one of these so bad. Right Alexander street behind the library theres quite a few and the age if the street fits too. Can anyone confirm if these are legit?

Alexander Street, Leeds LS1 3, United Kingdom
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|1 Alexander St, Leeds, England×

Sorry I forgot how to do small links. I know these maybe electric now but wondering if they have been refurbished they're not all identical either.

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Re: Competition - Gaslamps

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Well done in your efforts polos i am sure there are more to find.
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Re: Competition - Gaslamps

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Tilly you appear to have lost the 'h' from where in your signature.
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