Peel Hotel/ Secret underground

To celebrate Treasures Revealed in Leeds, we look at the secrets of a city centre church.
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Peel Hotel/ Secret underground

Post by Kyle »


I work at Roxy Ball Room down Boar Lane and we have discovered some really interesting things in the restricted parts of the building. Upstairs through a locked door we found, almost intact, some rooms of the Peel Hotel from around 1800s. The wallpaper varies from room to room; one is papered in an intense red colour and another is decorated in cartoon animals, both of which look possible Victorian. There is other cool stuff up there like a winch wheel and old news paper cutouts. All the fixtures like the light switches, wall safe are in great condition.

There is also an underground tunnel from our cellar and if you follow it down a narrow gap long enough there is a large unopened safe! None of us can open it and the lock I think said Shrewsbury locks 1840.

Could someone provide me with more history on the building as it is a fascinating place and full of mystery. I will try and get picture when I explore there next.


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Re: Peel Hotel/ Secret underground

Post by Leodian »

That's fascinating stuff Kyle. I hope you do get photos and I look forward to seeing them.

I did not know of the Roxy Ball Room, which I've now found is a bar/pub that also has gaming facilities such as pool, ping pong and even a very mini golf course.
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Re: Peel Hotel/ Secret underground

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I'd love to see some pics of this.

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Re: Peel Hotel/ Secret underground

Post by sparky415 »

Come on Leeds United!

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Re: Peel Hotel/ Secret underground

Post by buffaloskinner »

Maybe, just maybe Kyle went down the tunnel and never returned and is still lost under the old station!
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Re: Peel Hotel/ Secret underground

Post by tilly »

Or opened the safe and is long gone.He.He
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Re: Peel Hotel/ Secret underground

Post by volvojack »

This is an amazing post from Kyle and now nothing for 2 years. surely someone from an Historical Society could go in there and get some photos. details etc. Tomorrow could be too late.

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