Where is this stone?

How well do you know Leeds?
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Re: Where is this stone?

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Yes, thanks for that, I think I got confused with the original Cockburn High School which was in Burton Road Beeston,
I was born in Darnley Street, it's the one with the clothes on the washing line on the Leodis photo.

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Re: Where is this stone?

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An enjoyable one WR :).

From information given the LC stands for Leeds Council so I reckon the LCS is Leeds Council School(s). Possible good deductive thinking eh on my part ;).
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Re: Where is this stone?

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Do we know what the initials stand for?

Leodian posted while I was typing.

I'd have guessed Leeds County Schools, on nothing other than having been to Armley County Primary School AKA the Clock School

If it's a general logo, as it might nowadays be called, that might be why I thought I'd seen it elsewhere: is it on other old school buildings in Leeds?
Since typing this, I've checked Leodis and I see that at one time in its history, the Clock School was called Leeds Council School. This suggests to me that the title was the norm for local schools after the abolition of school boards and before the introduction of "County" schools. I'm off in search of that motif elsewhere in Leeds to convince myself I've not been dreaming.

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