The Old-Maps UK website will soon close down.

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The Old-Maps UK website will soon close down.

Post by Leodian »

I have just used the Old-Maps UK website and there is a message stating it will close down permanently as of October 31 2021.
I occasionally use its free to view service for general map information and have found it to be very useful and will miss it but I suspect it may not be commercially viable to rely on its paid service. The National Library of Scotland website has free to view maps of England but they (as far as I have found) do not go to the fairly close detail view of the free maps in the Old-Maps UK website.
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Re: The Old-Maps UK website will soon close down.

Post by iansmithofotley »

Hi Leodian - It is a great shame and I will really miss it, I use it every day.

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Re: The Old-Maps UK website will soon close down.

Post by chemimike »

Unless someone else steps in it looks like the large scale Town maps for much of the country will not be available other than by visiting some physical repository. A great loss. I paid a subscription for some time , which gave me slightly better resolution, but I felt that it was a reasonable contribution to their costs. then they limited the number of views one could access/per month , so decided not to renew the subscription, If one wanted a physical product their charges for high resolution images when purchased were over the top for what you got. If they had made it a subscription site with a low subscription charge, with no limit to use, then I would have thought it might have been economic

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