The Trophy Shop, Grand Arcade.

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The Trophy Shop, Grand Arcade.

Post by Leodian »

Passing by yesterday (October 29 2020) I noticed that The Trophy Shop in the Grand Arcade, Leeds, is closing down. Though I've never had need to use this long-established shop it always had an interesting window display. It may be that the owner wants to retire but sad if its demise is due to what must be a much reduced footfall resulting from the seemingly ever ongoing road works at the Vicar Lane entry/exit of the Grand Arcade.
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Re: The Trophy Shop, Grand Arcade.

Post by Jan B »

A few years ago or more there was a shop in the Grand Arcade called Florence and Claire selling ladies hats , I remember seeing some beautiful hats in the windows. Also remember the Trophy Shop - both of these shops were there for a long time.

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Re: The Trophy Shop, Grand Arcade.

Post by iansmithofotley »

As a young child, in the 40's/50's, I always looked forward to seeing the animals in the Pet Shop window, and inside the shop.

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Re: The Trophy Shop, Grand Arcade.

Post by tilly »

Hi Ian i too remember the pet shop ln the fiftys we could never afford to buy anything but in those days you knew you would not be able to have anything but looking was quite enough.How things have changed are they better now in some aspects yes in others definitely not.
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