Time can seem to pass quickly.

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Time can seem to pass quickly.

Post by Leodian »

The attack on the World Trade Center was on September 11 2001 so already 19 years ago today! That time period seems to have flown by very fast. It got me realising how quickly things that happened a long while ago can seem to be much shorter. The Coronation of the Queen was in 1953 so 67 years ago. The assassination of J F Kennedy will shortly be 57 years ago. England won the football World Cup 54 years back. Though much more recent the Trinity Centre in Leeds opened on March 21 2013 so already a bit over 7 years back! :o
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Re: Time can seem to pass quickly.

Post by blackprince »

Same here Leodian. When the anniversary of 9/11 came up last week my first thought was that it was only 10 years ago.
It's sobering to think that England's world cup win is now more remote than the Battle of the Somme was to to me as a teenager in '66. Ancient history perhaps - but not to us who experienced it!
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