The 'monsoon' rain in Leeds on July 30 2002.

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The 'monsoon' rain in Leeds on July 30 2002.

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A 'Friday Retro' feature in the Yorkshire Evening Post of July 31 2020 was titled 'Monsoon rainfall brings Leeds to a standstill' and had images of flooded scenes, mainly of traffic chaos in the centre of Leeds. The feature noted the "near Biblical proportions" storm was in July 2002 but did not give the date. That will however be July 30 2002 as that was when there was a tremendous electrical storm for about 20 minutes from just gone 16:00 (at least locally in Alwoodley). Within moments King Lane in front of the then Alwoodley Motor Service garage was flooded and very shortly so was the inside of the garage. I has just gone out at the time and dashed back to get my camera. These are 3 of the images I took while the event was still going on. The third image shows a nearby drain that could not take the deluge.
KingLaneAlwoodleyLeedsJuly302002(1).JPG (94.04 KiB) Viewed 519 times
KingLaneAlwoodleyLeedsJuly302002(2).JPG (92.96 KiB) Viewed 519 times
KingLaneAlwoodleyLeedsJuly302002(3).JPG (95.48 KiB) Viewed 519 times
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Re: The 'monsoon' rain in Leeds on July 30 2002.

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Re: The 'monsoon' rain in Leeds on July 30 2002.

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I never knew about this before but it reminds me of the floods in the Kirkstall Road area when the river Aire burst it;s banks and sadly put lots of businesses out for good.

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