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Re: Where have all the Sparrows gone.

Posted: Mon 24 Aug, 2020 7:10 am
by Jan B
Have read in August. sparrows feathers gradually malt and change so they keep hidden away from predators until new feathers regrow so hence not many about

Re: Where have all the Sparrows gone.

Posted: Mon 24 Aug, 2020 8:46 pm
by tilly
On the subject of magpies i have a nesting box used every year by blue tits two years ago we were lucky to see the young leave the box the first one out landed on the ground and a magpie flew off with it.I must say they are not my favorite bird they take birds eggs and young given the chance.

Re: Where have all the Sparrows gone.

Posted: Tue 25 Aug, 2020 8:29 pm
by gchq
Below is a very bad photo from around 1965. It was taken with an old German World War One field camera and I was still learning how to develop and print film.

At that time House Sparrows were the most common bird (certainly in Leeds 9) and with some patience could be very tame - this one was quite happily sitting on my finger. I have other, better, pictures but where they are is another matter :-)

When I lived in the Forest of Bowland (before moving to the States) I did notice a complete decline in the Sparrow population - but I gather they do not move far from 'home base' so if something happens it may take a long time for the population to return.

Looking out of the window at the moment there is quite a group of Sparrows having a dirt bath, so they are plentiful in Western USA.