Many hundreds of geese by Eccup Moor Road.

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Many hundreds of geese by Eccup Moor Road.

Postby Leodian » Mon 02 Sep, 2019 9:02 pm

When walking along Eccup Moor Road today (Sept 2 2019) just after Owlet Hall going to Eccup I noticed that there were what must have been many hundreds of geese in a field. I've seen large flocks before but never anywhere near that many. I think most may have been greylag geese but there were some with a lot of white that I am unsure of. All of the geese were too far from the road for my simple pocket digital camera to get a good photo so the photo I've attached was the best I could get (it only shows very few of the geese). There were some more of the geese in another field by the road further along.

I don't know if they fly in to overwinter or are here all year round but if they have recently flown in perhaps they have 'sensed' bad weather to come where they were.
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