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I've noticed that there no longer seems to be any newspaper sellers outside in the centre of Leeds (if there are I'm not aware of any). It seems only recently that for example there used to be one at the corner where New Station Street meets City Square, another on Commercial Street and another where Bond Street meets Park Row. They also used to be at other sites. I guess with the decline in newspaper sales that the sellers just could not sell enough to make it worthwhile. A small feature of local history now apparently gone.
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At a guess, now that the single edition of the YEP is available at 6am there is simply no need for them.I can remember they didn't used to set up until almost lunchtime and then get latest copies delivered as they were printed. It was certainly handier to grab a copy on the way to the bus stop than go into a shop and queue for one.
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Noe you come to mention it I haven't heard the cries of "Leif-Lingo!" or "Earnig-Po!" for quite some time now. The "lighters! Gas lighters 12 for 50P!" crowd seem to have dwindled also. As, come to think of it, have the knock-off "designer" clothes sellers with their spotter's cries of "Hey! Bobby!" to alert them to the presence of the law.    

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It could be that we really don't need the paper for the latest news as we used to. years ago there was a man and his son who sold papers and magazines from the window ledges of the Scotsman Pub in Kirkgate. he did a tremendous trade as all the buses from east of the city stopped next door outside Walkers clothing store . During the war there was a man on the corner of Briggate and Albion place selling papers who always shouted "Read all about it " and "It won't be long now" referring to the supposed quick end to the war, sadly not to be.

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