Red Kites

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Just seen one flying really low over my house.

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this is great news thanksGledhow as you probably know means Kite Hill and there hadn't been any sitings since the 1820s, so when we got some we were delighted and somewhat worried when they disapeared

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One is a fairly regular sight over Whinmoor / Swarcliffe / Crossgates - presumably one of the pair that have reportedly set up home on top of a Gipton high rise?It was circling fairly low at the weekend - I hope any pet rabbits are securely locked away!
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Plenty over Garforth, see 1 at least every day over my house.
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I've seen them over Bramhope and Pool Bank. I once saw one on the golf course at Leeds Golf Centre at Shadwell stood on course    
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raveydavey wrote: One is a fairly regular sight over Whinmoor / Swarcliffe / Crossgates - presumably one of the pair that have reportedly set up home on top of a Gipton high rise?It was circling fairly low at the weekend - I hope any pet rabbits are securely locked away! Pet rabbits are safe Red Kites are carrion eaters.Saw 4 more yesterday morning around Harewood.
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I hadn't seen the Gledhow Woods Red kite for about three weeks during February. I would see it almost daily, and some days I'd see it 3 or 4 times. Just before it vanished there was two of them together. I've often suspected there might be two of them, but I never actually saw them both at the same time. I wondered if it was anything to do with an early breeding season because of the mild Winter we've had? The Red Kites moving on to find a possible mate? Anyway I was pleased to see them back last week. The pair of Kites seemed happy dive bombing each other in a playful way. The Kites swooped low down right over my flat twice, right over my head. It was amazing to see a Kite so close actually fly below me about 20ft away. The back of the bird and it's wingspan was amazingly large at such a close range. As usual by the time I got the camera they were circling around a bit further away. I did get this silhouette shot of one of the Kites as it flew right overhead, no zoom lens needed here. This is the best I could do to capture the pair together. They circle and swoop so fast they have moved on a good distance before you have time to get the camera ready. The camera is now near the bedroom window ready to aim the next time. I'll get some better shots I'll make sure. Not only were there a pair of Kites, but on Friday and Saturday there were 5 of them circling together overhead. Lets hope they raise successful young Kites shortly. I believe April is the breeding season for Red Kites. No doubt the mild weather and recent bout of Kite activity indicating an early mating season. Kites are social birds and are quite happy to live and raise young close together.            *An interesting webpage about Red kite behaviour can be seen here*
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The first photograph is fantastic. I think you should be well satisfied with it, Phill!

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I've never been able to get a good photo when I've taken photos of Red Kites. I'm sure they have a sense of humour (or perhaps just get disappointed that I've not thrown any food!) but they often come really close but by the time I try to photo them they have moved away from a good photo! After not seeing any for a while I've recently seen 1 and sometimes 2 around my area in north Leeds. As I mentioned in a post on March 17, as an aside in a thread that had nothing to do with Red Kites, I saw quite a number of them being fed bits of sausage rolls by some people near Weardley on March 13. They seemed quite happy to be taking the food, but I did not take any photos.
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Suvi wrote: has anyone seen the Brackenwood bird recently, it is also known over Gipton and Harehills.Hasn't been seen for a month or two Over Harehills oppo the Fforde Greene a few months back, circling back towards GVW.Also seen two over Halton/Selby Rd / Temple Newsham way.Looking at the size and number of 'em round here, I'd best get the cat in     
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