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Posted: Sun 26 Aug, 2012 12:41 pm
by LS13
Just been reading some good stuff on another (football) forum which I thought were interesting as I'd never heard of a lot of the places mentioned before. Thought would be worth re-posting in case it rekindles any memories for some on here..."The mod thing in Leeds started about 1965 and was mainly based around coffee bars on or around Boar Lane. The Del Rio, Concadora and El Toro were the main meeting points and the Carousel on Upper Briggate. The music scenr was centered around the Blue Gardenia (BG Club) and the Three Coins. The Coins was on Albion Walk where the Bond St centre now stands and had some top bands on in its day. The song that defined the era for me was "The In Crowd" by Dobie Gray. Motown was the music of choice as was early R&B. Pills were plenty available at the coins as well, probably pro plus though. Never had a scooter meself as I was still at school and couldn't afford one, I must have been the only mod in Leeds with a pushbike. Most of the lads were well into LU but the heavies at ER in those days were mainly greasers from Armley and Wortley so there were a few differences of opinion re fashions. The mod dress was levis, Ben Shermans, desert boote or brogues and a parka or a zoot suit jacket and the greasers wearing old fashion suits or donkey jackets/overcoat with steel capped boots. Lol. Would love to travel back in time and stand in the shed in 65/66.""i was at school and couldnt have a motorbike used to hang around outside watson and cairns mid season with all the rockers. used to pay weekly to get a leather jacket from watson and cairns my mam gave me the last £10 for my 16th birthday I was living in Gipton and used to go to Roundhay on sunday with other lads and chase or get chased by the mods, dont remember much fighting but a lot of chasing. as you say the big gang of leeds at the time seemed to be rockers and we used to have a go at mods in city centre after a home game. seem to remember you didnt touch any lads that were with a girl, we obviously had standards. the domino cafe had a notice on door no leather jackets and they called the law to put me out copper gave me a smack round head and sent me on my way. remember a well known leeds lad from seacroft, getting put down after he went into the tomato dip and gave a kicking to a well known mod . the first time i saw a mob of mods at a game was southampton away in 68, we looked a right set of scruffy t***s compared to them, they all were in those crew neck green jumpers and levis, some of the big lads brad etc had a right go at them, after they had a go at us. strange thing was i was always a fan of the well known mod bands and their girls always looked good"    

Posted: Sun 26 Aug, 2012 1:51 pm
by Caron
Hi LS13. Have just read your message with a smile. I was only a kid in the 60's but my older sister was certainly drawn to the "mods".Lads on scooters, (with those long fluffy tail things hanging off at the back of the scooter but I've no idea what they were exactly or why they had them?). She had her hair cut really short and always wore white tights which she'd buy in Leeds Market every Saturday aft, mini skirts and in winter white boots and also white lipstick. My parents didn't have much money back then so I think she was probably a poor mans version of a mod. She also had a BOAC bag (airlines) which was "cool" to be seen with. She listened to nothing but Motown, which is probably why I love Soul/Motown music today. Happy memories....    

Posted: Sun 26 Aug, 2012 2:07 pm
by book
Wasn't there a Battle of Kirstall Abbey between the Mods and Rockers once?

Posted: Sun 26 Aug, 2012 2:07 pm
by Jogon
I recall, aged 6 being asked if I was a Mod or a Rocker and wondering what 'they' were on about. I suspected it was a trick question and left suddenly in a Jackson Avenue-ly direction.

Posted: Sun 26 Aug, 2012 2:10 pm
by Phill_dvsn
I was watching this video only yesterday's about a guy who has built the Captain America and Billy Bike chopper hogs from the film Easy Rider... How good do they look? I'm glad this thread started, it reminded me of the time in the 70's you used to see lots of these chopper bikes around Leeds, as far as I can tell they were the 'Blue Angels' who are still going to this day.I seem to recall their was a murder committed by the Blue Angels in the Gate Pub in Seacroft in the early 70's, someone got stabbed to death. I can't find anything about it on the internet, can anyone recall anymore about it?The Blue Angels were at it again a few years ago too.Motorcycle shop boss shot with crossbow after feud, court told. ... -1-2166884    

Posted: Sun 26 Aug, 2012 3:36 pm
by geoffb

Posted: Sun 26 Aug, 2012 4:48 pm
by jdbythesea
geoffb wrote: LS13this thread is also relevant. ... Message=25 There's this SL thread as well;The Leeds Mod & Soul scene in the 60s    

Posted: Sun 26 Aug, 2012 10:39 pm
by Caron
book wrote: Wasn't there a Battle of Kirstall Abbey between the Mods and Rockers once? Don't remember that book but I do remember the feast one year on the Archie Gordon playing fields and a bit of bother there. I was only about 9 so it frightened me (yella belly kid I was)

Posted: Mon 27 Aug, 2012 12:56 pm
by trophy
i had a motorbike in the 60s we would go to the cafe at sherburn or the 69 club at stanningley bottom RE the battle of kirkstall abbey .there was supposedly a battle of calverley park between teddy boys from calverley and rodley and bramley.

Posted: Mon 27 Aug, 2012 5:34 pm
by book
I thought the milk bar in Sherburn was for motorbikes only, I only ever saw bikes there and not scooters?