Bicycle Shops of Leeds (+Former)

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The bike shops I can remember were in the 1950s, cannot remember the names, but there was one on York Road, at the end of the shops attached to the Shaftsbury Cinema, although it was a bike shop you could also buy gramophone records (75rpm), and slugs (lead pellets) for air guns. There was a small shop on Ellerby Lane/Road, Richmond Hill.    

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electricaldave wrote: Two wheels good was on Call Lane toward the top end.There was another one just off Burley Hill on Knowle Terrace, used to stock some expensive stuff too, but there is absolutely nothing to betray this shop at all. 1. Mel Bentley was the guy on Knowle Terrace, bought stuff off him, he was a good charactor2. Bought my first MTB from 'TWG' (1989 Marin Pine Mountain) * wifes 'Bear Valley', & an Orbit America road-bike'TWG' was owned by 2 guys; Gareth & Paul, Paul was a fully trained helicopter mechanical systems fitter!Later on, before the move to the corner of Duncan Street & Lower Briggate, John Stevenson (of MBUK magazine) was a 'saturday boy' in 'TWG'Brant Richards (of 'MBUK' & 'On-One' bikes) also worked there3. 'Stif' was originally in a little back street shop (Granby Street) in Headingley & sold (& repaired the sales of) Wind-surfers!Lester Noble (owner of Orange) persuaded Paul Morphet (who surfed with him) to put some of his bikes in the shop & it took off from there!Then after about 2 years, he moved to the shop opposite the Arndale Centre4. Isn't there (or was??) a shop on Tranquility at Crossgates???5. 'CentreSport's on corner of Merrion Street & New Briggate (Orange & Scott MTBs)6. 'Maverick Cycles' at Pudsey. Dave Laverick (Bardford Road, Dawsons Corner area)7. There was a shop up on Woodhouse Moor too (Raglan Road)

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BJF wrote: Bob Jacksons on Harehills Lane The shop + workshop are now Drakes.Bob J's are no longer a retail shop - rather specialist frame builders & up at Stanningley.I think Iansmithofotley or someone said Bob J's were originally at Woodhouse. Anyone know & if so the address?

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BJF wrote: Bob Jacksons on Harehills Lane The same Bob Jackson who are now in Stanningley? yeah, great minds eh Jogon

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Jogon wrote: BJF wrote: Bob Jacksons on Harehills Lane I think Iansmithofotley or someone said Bob J's were originally at Woodhouse. Anyone know & if so the address? Info British Phone BooksThey operated under the name of JRJ Cycles at 111 Burley Lodge Road (see attachment) and a bit of history
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we used to go to wortleys in staningley for parts and wheel trueing.

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I used to take my bike to Wortleys in Stanningley. I'd take it from Farsley down Newlands or The Boulevard and them through the frightening tunnel under George Cohens. How that area has changed.

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J T Rogers on York Road, Seacroft. Seemed to be 50/50 bikes and fishing gear.

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"7. There was a shop up on Woodhouse Moor too (Raglan Road)"That was "Daves bikes"

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I used to get my bikes from Top Gear on Lowtown in Pudsey - don't think it was there the last time I passed after having lunch in the Crossed Shuttle though.

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