The Caspar block of flats.

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Re: The Caspar block of flats.

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"tyke bhoy"I notice Leodian responded while I composed an offline respond. It adds little to Leodian's post but anyway.

Hi Jack,
The daffs Tilly commented on are in the far South Eastern corner of Lovell Park adjacent to North Street. In the same photo you can just see a bit of road which is the anti-clockwise slip road from North Street onto the East bound Inner Ring Road (A58m just before it become A64M and then plain A64) and a lamppost . The Other two photos are the inside of just over a semi circle of flats that lie within the almost full circle slip road. The flats could not be a full circle because the old Dispensary building is in the way.

Hardly cold war Tilly they were put up in 2000. To keep construction costs down so they could be cheap rentals they were pre-fabs and as such were finished in about 8 months.

Thanks for that tyke bhoy,
For some reason i had imagined they were down somehere near Regent Street.

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