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zantar wrote: I think the the steps shown in the photograph are the ones from Bellvue rd and go down through the rosebanks (close to where Brian Mosely lived) to Westfield rd , if my memory serves me rightopposite Hollis st , side of burley rd school, and a direlect church,which we used to rampage.message to Arry, I think we are from the same era.Did you know Harold who lived next to the "Hollow"?.We used to steal your "chumps"from the "middin" Hiya Zantar. Actually, we lived up the top end of the View,so didn't have much to do with the folks 'round the left handbend!' lol!Anyway, the steps in my pix run from Rosebank Road/View,Rosebank Grove and Westfield Crescent. If you carry on straightdown,you cross the Rillbanks (Road?) and come (Came?) outinto Woodsley Road with Campbell's shop on the corner!The steps you mean are those from BVRoad right down acrossthe view and Wessie Road to Hollis Street by the skool andchurch that you describe.There are more steps(99?) at the end of Westfield RdAlso leading back up to BVRd. One big building site there at the moment, Office blocks/Student accommodation etc.Thanks for your memory input! Nobody ever pinched our chumps!24 hr armed guards posted (Catapults!).The Millennium Green is well worth a visit next time youget over.CheersArry

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Anyone remember the tattooist in the house at the top of the steps(not the 99 steps), was it Don's??
Sit thissen dahn an' tell us abaht it.

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Re: Rosebank Pics

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While I was in the area today 22/08/2019 I visited both sets of steps on Belle Vue Road. The set of steps opposite Victoria Terrace leading down to Westfield Road have exactly 99 steps, with a further 6 steps from Westfield Road to Burley Road, (I don't think these count as part of the 99 steps!)
The second set of steps higher up Belle Vue Road have 63 steps leading down to what would have been Rosebank Row, then a further 43 steps taking you down to Westfield Road, crossing what would have been Rosebank View, however the terrain has altered so not sure how many steps there would have been originally.

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