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Postby TABBYCAT » Thu 14 Jun, 2018 2:59 pm

volvojack wrote:
BLAKEY wrote:Leodian wrote: My immediate reaction on seeing the bloke was that he looks like Wrilfred Pickles (showing my age there! ). By Jove he DOES look like Wilfred - "Give 'im the money Mabel."

His Wife Mabel featured on the Radio Programme but i think it was "Give him the Money Barney". Not sure as during and just after the War our Radio used mysteriously come and go for a while depending on my Dads financial position on the Stock Market.
The Barney referred to i think was the same Barney Colehan that produced "The Good Old Days".

One thing IS certain i am enjoying going down memory lane with all these posts and am not even halfway through.
Thanks to All.
You're both right on this one it started with his wife Mabel then the honours went to the shows producer Barney Colehan later to become the producer of The Good Old Days.
The shows pianist was I believe Violet Carson later to become famous as Ena sharples in Coronation St.

More info here..

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