Does anyone remember Debra Schlesinger???

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Misc wrote: It seems Sutcliffe may have confessed to Debra's murder when Keith Helliwell spoke to him with regard to a number of unsolved crimes in the 1990s?Debra's killing wasn't a typical Sutcliffe attack so you would assume there must be some compelling reason to suggest that Sutcliffe could be charged with her murder in an attempt to keep him in prison.Her death was a horrible one, and I hope whoever is responsible will one day be held to account. Hi Misc,Debra was indeed one of the list of 20 unsolved attacks and murders that Hellawell thought may have been the work of Sutcliffe, but he didn't confess to her's. He did however, at long last, confess to his attack on Tracy Browne, a 14 year old girl, near Silsden on 27th August 1975. Tracy's photofit of her attacker is chilling, almost like looking at a photo of Sutcliffe himself. Later, during the ripper enquiry, she and her mother tried to bring this to the attention of the police, but weren't taken seriously as the cops believed, at the time, that the ripper only attacked prostitutes and only in the big cities. Sadly they were wrong on all counts and yet another opportunity to catch the b*stard was lost.He also confessed to an attack on a Leeds student, Maureen Lea, on 25th October 1980. West Yorks. Police have gone on record stating that in the event of Sutcliffe ever being found eligible for parole, they are confident that they could bring new charges against him in regards to Debra's murder and the attack on Ms Lea.Thankyou for your interest and your reply,Cheers,Han.
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Re: Does anyone remember Debra Schlesinger???

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Hi Hannibal69. I've only just joined this site and note your original post is from 2009 so I hope you are still reading this.

I used to work at the White Stag on North Street. Certainly in the first half of 1976, and possibly beyond, Debra used to frequent the pub with two friends, Pat and Beverley. They all lived on the Hawksworth estate and a couple of times I gave them a lift home.

Moving on about 12 months, I was at home one evening. I had a lodger to help with expenses as I hadn't long bought my house. One evening, a police officer(s) called and asked to look at both my car and that of my lodger. I don't know if I even knew about Debra's death at the time, but putting two and two together and hopefully getting four, I assume the police had been investigating the murder and had established that Debra drank in the White Stag and that I (and my lodger for that matter), both worked there and they were following a particular line of enquiry.

Several years ago there was a TV documentary about the crimes committed by Peter Sutcliffe and I recall an interview with a Pat Power. Whilst after the passage of several decades I didn't recognise her, maybe this was the Pat who I referred to above.

I hope this is of interest.


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