Beckett street

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Beckett street

Post by Tolhurst »

Just curious, but does anybody know what the partial wall used to be lower down on Beckett street from the cemetery heading towards leeds.

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Re: Beckett street

Post by rikj »

It was the House of Recovery, a pretty grand infectious diseases hospital built in 1846. There are a couple of photographs on the Leodis site. The curved sections of the wall were the entrance to the driveway.

After being superseded by Seacroft Hospital it was demolished, though the lodge house seems to have remained for a while. It's marked on maps as a recreation ground for many years. I suspect it's never been developed due to the very near surface coal mining in the area.

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Re: Beckett street

Post by tilly »

When i was a child my grandma lived in Granviil Terrace think thats how its spelt there was a static water tank on that site.I fell in a soldier in uniform saved me from drowning i cant remember a thing about it but my mother told me about it when i got older does anyone remember this static water tank.A man come to my grandmas door and told her it was him who saved me she gave him money has a thank you turns out it was not him.
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