Can't update email address

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Can't update email address

Post by WiggyDiggy »

Long time no post, I'll try and remember I've posted this and come back to check!

I wanted to update my email address but when I tried I got the nice error below, can I update my email at all as the one on my profile is 4/5 years out of date.


Error message: "Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Twig_Error_Loader' with message 'The "./language/bg/email" directory does not exist.' in /srv/disk3/775594/www/ Stack trace: #0 /srv/disk3/775594/www/ Twig_Loader_Filesystem->addPath('./language/bg/e...', '__main__') #1 /srv/disk3/775594/www/ Twig_Loader_Filesystem->setPaths(Array) #2 /srv/disk3/775594/www/ phpbb\template\twig\twig->set_custom_style(Array, Array) #3 /srv/disk3/775594/www/ messenger->set_template_paths(Array, Array) #4 /srv/disk3/775594/www/ messenger->template('user_activate', 'bg') #5 /srv/disk3/775594/www/ ucp_profile->main('profile', 'reg_details') #6 /srv/disk3/775594/www/ p_master->load_active() #7 {main} thrown in /srv/disk3/775594/www/ on line 93"

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tyke bhoy
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Re: Can't update email address

Post by tyke bhoy »

There is a note on your user account suggesting you have changed it twice today and a couple of attempts previously but it doesn't appear to be sticking. If you change it again to what it should be maybe MHoulden or DSCO who have more access than me can "actually" change it.
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Re: Can't update email address

Post by tilly »

Nice to hear from you WiggyDiggy i hope every thing is ok at your end.
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Re: Can't update email address

Post by mhoulden »

I've updated your email address to be the you've been trying to use. If that's not correct, let me know what it should be and I'll change it.

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