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Re: Forum log in time.

Post by blackprince »

"Remember me" is unreliable. I nearly always have to login again each session. It does seem to work on other sites I use.
Worse is being logged in, then writing a post , pressing preview or submit and being asked to login again. If you do login again your post is lost but If you press "go back" ( Left arrow in top left corner) to go to previous page your message is still there. Just cut and paste it , submit, login if necessary then paste it in the blank box, then press submit again. It usually works.
To be on the safe side I usually use notepad or wordpad to compose longer messages, then cut and paste them into the reply box on most websites.
It does need fixing because this rigmarole will be off-putting to some would-be SL posters.
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Re: Forum log in time.

Post by TABBYCAT »

Exactly BP.

I can understand the "remember me" logging out after several hours for security in the sense for example it stops someone sneaking on to your PC when you aren't looking or are not around for several hours then posting profanity etc which comes from your account with ensuing blame attached to you.

However for a single session you should just be able to...

Log in.

No "remember me " needed.

Do your thing and edit, attach things as needed within say a 1-2 hour time scale as per other forums using this forums software. ​

Log out move on.

At the moment for a single session..

Log in no "remember me "

Do your thing and edit attach as needed within say a 1-2 hour time scale as per other forums using this forums software. ​

Press submit.

Up pops the log in screen with previous post lost unless copied.

Quite off putting I would have thought to new members who might not be very tech orientated
It's not a good way of doing things and not how it's used on other forums using phpBB forum software, which is a free open source software and easy to configure I'm told.

Perhaps the administrators could glance at the php.ini file which I suspect reads something like this..

session.cache_expire = 180 (3 minutes) and could do with tweaking to something a tad longer like an hour perhaps( 3600).

Should anybody still think the problem is unique to me then perhaps these posts from the phpBB forum might educate them.


"PhpBB session timeout
Post by jmpoure » Mon Mar 10, 2008 11:30 pm

Dear Friends,

I am using Apace 2.2 with Php 5 and PhpBB 3.x
Apache is configured using prefork settings.

Users are complaining that they are logged out after 5 minutes or so.

I would like to know if PhpBB sessions
->Server configuration -> Load settings -> Session timeout
I would like to use 3600 sec as settings.

Is this the same as Apache session timeout in php.ini:

This is quite a large forum. I am concerned that if PhpBB 3.0 session timeout is the same as session.cache_expire in php.ini, then the forum might hit memory usage issues.

I am in a hurry, thanks for answering.

Can I choose 3600 seconds from PhpBB admin without running into memory problems?

Kind regards,
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Re: PhpBB session timeout
Post by pentapenguin » Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:56 pm

Yes you can use 3600 seconds (1 hour) in phpBB without any problems. The session.cache_expire option in php.ini is for PHP's built-in session functions and does not in any way affect phpBB.
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The original can be found here....

And this from the same site..


"Mick wrote: ↑Wed Feb 13, 2019 8:26 am
Session length sets the time before a user is logged out due to inactivity.
The keyword here is inactivity. So if a user stays on the same page during 100 seconds, he would be logged out. Imagine writing a medium length post and suddenly being logged out after 100 seconds.

100 seconds is much too short (soon your members wouldn't bother visiting your board ;) .
Give them time to read a whole page of a topic, and to reply without having to sprint. Also allow time to move away form the PC, (toilet, coffee, phone, whatever)."


I could list more so alternatively type " phpbb forum software login time out" into Google and enjoy.

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