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Characters In Pubs.

Posted: Tue 21 Mar, 2017 9:10 pm
by volvojack
I suppose that with the demise of Public Houses in the last 20 Years or so around Leeds has led to the lack of "Chracters" or at least one in nearly every Pub.

An example was in the Beech Pub on Tong Road some years ago was a young lad who for reasons which are pretty obvious had a nickname "Rocky" he was a nice lad but when he had a few pints on a Saturday he used to recount how his neighbours dog used to bark at him and that one day he would teach the animal a lesson. One Sunday lunchtime he came in with a Bandage /Plaster on his nose. it transpired that when he had arrived home the Bull Mastiff had barked at him so Rocky got down on all fours and attempted to imitate the bark. The animal promptly bit the end of his nose off.

More bizarre was a fellow John, who used to drink in that Pub. It seems his wife who had been his childhood sweetheart one day upped and left him. He always was a bit quietl but as time went by he began to get more and more down. One day after drinking quite a lot he decided to "End It All". went home, turned on the gas taps on the cooker and fire. he then lay down on the settee and waited for the end. After some time it seems he got tired of waiting and lit a cigarette to help pass the time. This resulted in an explosion which wrecked his house and also next door, he was blown out on to the grass at the front and suffered quire severe burns to his upper body and face. sadly the poor man next door was killed. Sometime later when John used to come back in the Pub he acquired the nickname of "Crispy John" which was owing to the amount of burns on his physog.

I am sure other members will have come across odd balls in their local.