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Hello all, just a quick note to say I've finally restored admin and editing powers to our administrator team. Those kind and generous individuals are:


If you would like to become an administrator (or have been in the past and would like your admin powers restored now we're on the new site) please contact me via [email protected] and I'll update your account. Basically it involves keeping the place tidy, deleting duplicate content, moving threads to the correct forum, and keeping an eye on discussions/interactions between members to ensure they stay polite and friendly. I'll deal with any actual unpleasantness, which is very rare anyway - mostly just need folk to flag up possible issues as/before they turn into actual problems really.

If you ever need to contact the admin team you can find up-to-date details in the Team link at the bottom of the site:
Contact me via [email protected] if you have any questions or comments about the site.

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