Woodhouse Moor feast and bonfire

Your favourite days out round Leeds
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I remember as a child -in the 1930s- being taken to Woodhouse Moor to see the big bonfire which was held there each year. It took weeks to build and a celebrity was invited to set it ablaze. Maybe my memory fails me, but I seem to remember that one year the honours were done by Amy Johnson the famous female flier. Can anyone confirm this ? She was a Yorkshire lass from Hull. There was also a Ox Roast.        Do "Feasts" still take place on Woodhouse and Holbeck moors? I am interested in any memories of Holbeck Moor. I lived in Fairfax Road pre -war and war years.

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Hi DennisThere's a thread on here about Woodhouse and other feasts if you click this link. http://www.secretleeds.co.uk/forum/Mess ... ighLight=1

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