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The Wood Beneath The World

Posted: Sat 15 Nov, 2014 5:20 pm
by raveydavey

The Wood Beneath the World is an immersive, interactive and visually stunning environment designed to inspire exploration, imagination and creativity. For decades a mysterious wood has been growing silently underneath Leeds Town Hall, the roots and trees have burst through the floors and walls….now it has taken over.

Beneath the wood, between the trees, lies a world left undiscovered - until now - and you are invited to adventure through it's paths.

Combining Lord Whitney's visually stunning sets with immersive performance, sound and lighting, The Wood Beneath the World is a truly mesmerising experience not to be forgotten. This is your chance to explore a place underneath the world as you know it, a world filled with secrets, hidden rooms and unexpected turns.

Continue the experience afterwards in the Town Hall's old victorian cells, which play host to a unique pop-up bar and feature specially created mulled wine and cider, craft beers and more.

Or try The Feast Of Fools...

For those of you dreaming of more adventurous evenings of dining, drinking, dancing, and debauchery...Lord Whitney have designed 'The Feast of Fools' to be an evening of unexpected pleasures and lavish treats, set within the all-encompassing Wood Beneath the World. There are places in the woods that are hidden from view, visible to only those who know where to look.

For 3 nights only you and a small number of revellers will be guided through a gateway into another world, where there are those amongst us who cause mischief and invite us to leave our inhibitions behind. We will welcome in winter, and meet the Lord of Misrule...