Leeds Jumble Sales - Do they still happen?

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Postby jonleeds » Fri 02 Mar, 2012 9:37 pm

Hi folks!A few years ago I used to spend a few hours every Saturday attending jumble sales in and around Leeds. Most were organised by churches and would be held in the respective church halls. Sometimes there would be the odd one organised by a school or charity. The jumble sales would be advertised in the local press - YEP / Leeds Weekly News etc and depending what part of Leeds they were in they could be very well attended. The most popular ones seemed to be in the more affluent areas of Bramhope / Bardsey etc as you could guarantee on rich pickings to be had. The legendary one that used to be held on an annual basis was at a school in Poppleton near York and this one would attract hundreds of buyers from miles around as it was enormous and had tons of clothes and bric-a-brac that had been collected over the year and the school would dedicate various large rooms - the school assembly hall / gym to organise the selection of goods for sale. The jumble sale scene seemed to be a fairly regular crowd - many were dealers who can be found still selling at the Thursday secondhand market. However the age of the people both organising and attending the jumble sales seemed to be increasing, and with the exception of a few people like myself and a few of the regulars grandchildren the average age was 50+ I can remember that we'd arrive sometimes 2 hours in advance to get to the front, or near the front of the queue, on average there would be maybe 50-70 people, and at the Bramhope / Bardsey sales upwards of 100 people. The prices of goods at jumble sales I can remember were ridiculously cheap, and there used to be some really good stuff, both clothes and other stuff. I can remember at the St Giles church jumble at Bramhope I bought a Stone Island waxed jacket that had never been worn for 40p! At another jumble sale at St Edmunds in Moortown I bought a Denby dinner service for £1! Put it this way I would be hard pushed to spend a fiver, and I'd be cramming stuff into the boot of my estate car cos I'd have so much stuff.I've not been able to get to the jumble sales for a few years as I've not had a car for a couple of years, and I've had too much other stuff to do, but I was wondering if anyone who uses the Secret Leeds forum ever goes to jumble sales regularly. I can remember myself and my jumble sale pals used to wait for the Leeds Weekly News to drop through the letterbox on a Thursday and it had a brilliant 'Grassroots' section that listed all the jumble sales. We'd also visit the newsagents on a Friday to check out the YEP's classified as there would be a 'Jumble Sales' section. Also another trick was to visit newsagents up the Otley Road in Adel as they would stock papers like the 'Harrogate Courier' and 'Wharfedale Observer' which would give details of jumble sales in more outlying places. There used to be a couple of great jumble sales in a place called Hampsthwaite and another in nearby Birstwith on the outskirts of Harrogate. Anyway this is all going back about ten years so I dont know what the situation is now. I do know that the jumble sales used to be quite a good earner for the churches / schools and charities, but I dont know if its something they still do anymore. Where I now live we dont get the Leeds Weekly News (does anyone?), and the past few times I checked the YEP I couldnt even find the jumble sales section in the classifieds. Maybe the likes of Ebay / car boot sales has killed the jumble sale? I dont know. Does anyone?
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Postby jonleeds » Sat 03 Mar, 2012 1:42 pm

Hmm, another thread I've written that get boycotted by everyone. I think the comment that was raised about this forum been a clique is probably correct. Forget it. You posted the thread at 10:40ish last night. Most people will have been settled watching TV or whatever, no need to get all het up over it just cos no one's answered you yet. Also this forum is usually quiet on a week-end, probably all out at Jumble sales As Chameleon say's give it a chance.
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Postby Geordie-exile » Sat 03 Mar, 2012 1:49 pm

Certainly not by me - I just didn't have anything to add.I think you answered your own question really with the comment about ebay and car boot sales taking over. ETA: I am so not in a clique!
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Postby chameleon » Sat 03 Mar, 2012 2:08 pm

jonleeds wrote: Hmm, another thread I've written that get boycotted by everyone. I think the comment that was raised about this forum been a clique is probably correct. Forget it. Give it a chance John, overnight is not long and weekends are traditionally slow for responses - many people have more pressing thing to do'There is also the posibility that nobody has any worthwhile info???You're right about car boot sales overtaking jumblesales. these events add a comercial element allowing organisations to make money from charges to both sellers and buyers for entry, not to mention charity shops selling better items more formally.Small school/church/ charity events (infrequent) are probably all that remains of the true jumble sale.    

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Postby Jogon » Sat 03 Mar, 2012 2:18 pm

Didn't see thread.Could be a gradual change against them. Do recall more in church halls etc.Not a day goes by without receiving a 'charity bin bag'. And as the hight street changes the Charity Shops have some unfair(?)advantages like "80% relief from business rates".
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Postby iansmithofotley » Sat 03 Mar, 2012 2:23 pm

Hi jonleeds,I, also, think that 'car boot sales' have affected 'jumble sales'. In addition, sites like 'ebay' have become another outlet for getting rid of old stuff. I also think that many places that are trying to raise money for a worthwhile cause, such as church organisations, etc., have turned to other types of fund raising like 'coffee mornings', using premises as cafe facilities (with volunteer staff) or creating other events such as 'wine and cheese' evenings or events connected with 'guest speakers'.Ian
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Postby keyholekate » Sat 03 Mar, 2012 2:30 pm

I remember going to jumble sales at the methodist church on Austhorpe Road,Cross Gates in the sixties and early seventies.The queue was always a mile long and I used to cringe with embarrassment if another family from our school was there,my Mum used to say" they cant say anything they are here too". . it was a weird feeling.We would take carrier bags of all sizes in case there was some big bargain. As my mother rummaged through the woolly jumpers to inspect if they were any good to unravel and use the wool again to knit something or a zip that could be taken off and used again,not plastic ones like they are now, good strong metal ones me and my sister would look at the toy stall and books and comics were a favourite too. There were no charity shops then and definately not so many cars so I think the car boot sale is the equivalent.I hated the smell of jumble sales and church halls.
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Postby anthonydna » Sat 03 Mar, 2012 5:35 pm

Reading the listings in a newsagent, stuffing your car boot full of bargains, this is the best Channel Four documentary that never got made!

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Postby Cardiarms » Sat 03 Mar, 2012 6:09 pm

In the early 80's I remember 1950's battle-dress used to turn up a lot for some reason, particularly RAF like this:http://www.upstagedleeds.co.uk/prod_inf ... odid=1313I got a fantastic 70's 3 piece suit for 5p, chococlate brown with a white pinstripe and lime green lining. Massive flares. Hideous thing but did many fancy dress parties.    
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Postby book » Sat 03 Mar, 2012 7:27 pm

We live in changing times. You are correct, car boots, eBay and charity collections may have contributed to the demise of the jumble sales. Personally I give whatever I can to Yorks air ambulance, they have collection points at the super market where I shop so any old clothes go there.
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