Dog friendly walks?

Your favourite days out round Leeds
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Postby Jogon » Sun 26 Aug, 2012 9:35 pm

Trip out1. Middlesmoor>Scar House Resvr>back down the outflow valley 7+ miles / 3hrs2. Fewston/Blubberhouses car park. Cross A59. Follow 'top mill goit' to Thruscross Dam. Then river back. (or if you+dog up for it) North Moor Rd up to Rocking Hall>drop down to Bramley Head>Harry's Dam>back.Nearer to home1. Meanwood Valley Trail ... railGolden Acre>Hyde Park. Great 'park + ride' potential, either way, cafe+loos at Golden Acre. Good midway cafe on Monkbridge Road, right on the route Harewood estate. Access at Village hall or Eccup Ln good long circular routes
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Postby Leodian » Sun 26 Aug, 2012 11:12 pm

It seems that whenever I see dogs out walking they usually look to be enjoying it more than the people with them. I often think it looks more like the dog is talking the people for a walk and not the other way round!
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Postby morleyhall » Sun 26 Aug, 2012 11:49 pm

I haven't been for many years, but Yeadon Tarn was a nice place to go for a walk.
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Postby MWD » Mon 27 Aug, 2012 8:09 am

Ravey,I don't know where abouts in Leeds you are, but you won't be too far from a section of the original Leeds ringroad - The Leeds Country Way.It' a 62 mile long route encompassing the whole of Leeds, made up from public foot paths bridleways, and some short sections of pavements / roads.The route is fantastic, taking in fields, woods, waterways and urban areas, with plenty to interest any Secret Leeds afficienado en-route.I have walked the route many times with my canine companion (although never in one go - but I will do it eventually!).I generally drive out to my chosen starting point for the day, walk about 6 miles of the route, then turn round and walk back to the car - repeat 'ad nuaseum' until the whole of the route has been covered (in both directions).I can't recommend it highly enough.ALL DETAILS OF THE ROUTE (IN 4 SECTIONS) HERE :- ... loads.aspx    

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Postby Leodian » Mon 27 Aug, 2012 2:13 pm

Hi MWD.I've only done a very small part of the Leeds Country Way (LCW) route where it has coincided with tracks that I often use, but I'm sure the whole route will be worth doing with or without a dog. For me though I think an about 12 mile walk (6 each way) is too much. Using a bus to get to the start of a section and then one from the end of that would be my way. Talking of the LCW route, at the time of its conception the Leeds City Council produced an excellent paper copy of each section, with all being in a strong protective plastic sleeve. When I saw it at a library I was surprised that there was no price on it, as it looked so good I assumed it could not be free. On checking with library staff I was assured it was free so I took 2 copies as anymore would have been unfair to others if there was only a limited production. On just looking at them again I've noticed they are dated 2006, which surprised me as I thought the LCW came into being longer ago than that. It is amazing what excellent free documents do become available in a public library.
A rainbow is a ribbon that Nature puts on when she washes her hair.
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Postby Richard A Thackeray » Mon 27 Aug, 2012 5:53 pm

Try to avoid the'Leeds Country Way' this coming weekend, as there's the challenge race.Not sure how many clubs are entered, but it's run in pairs was going to do it, but our club was wanting names whilst I was still on the way back from injury (& thus not able to confirm any degree of fitness)I really wanted to run 'Leg 1'. as it's my own backyard, as I grew up in Stanley (Leg 2 as a second choice)

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