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Your favourite days out round Leeds
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check out this weirdness - part of Situation Leeds 2007, there is an exhibition at Leeds Met Gallery that is related to it as well.'m sure you guys must have some interesting suggestions to add to their routemap!cheers,dsco
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Cool. Thanks for putting the post here about the project.We're still trying to get a loads more suggestions on the site so please take a look at what's been written and make one if you can... .Also you can get involved by borrowing a camera phone and GPS from Leeds Met Gallery to help us map out Leeds.Ben

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I've had a look at this website, & it's very 'Secret Leeds', everyone should have a look. Here is some bumph about it...Hey Leeds get involved!(or forward this e-mail onto people who you think might be able to help usdiscover the hidden corners and treasures of Leeds)The Project needs your suggestions for the Situation Leeds contemporary visual art festival. Artists Megan Smith and Ben Halsall invite you to log onto their blog and provide them with ideas of what to do, go, and see in Leeds.We’re going to visit the streets of Leeds through your imagination!DoGoSee is an interactive/photographic/travel/mapping/mobile phone using/research project. Visit the gallery to see Ben Halsall and Megan Smith’s quirky documentation of previous attempts to map Leeds, Berlin and Highbury, London. Take up the role of exploring Leeds using a special DoGoSee kit containing a mobile phone, handheld GPS device and a sample jar for collecting an air specimen and be a part of the project yourself - seeking out the suggestions made on the DoGoSee blog. Upon discovery of thedestination, person or thing, the information captured will be uploaded onto the web-site.Come and get involved or log onto their blog and provide them with ideas of what to do, go, and see in Leeds. Let them visit the streets of Leeds through your imagination! For further information check out the website or email the artists at [email protected].

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