the blue gardenia

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Re: the blue gardenia

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Ok , Steam Packet played, Long John Baldry, he almost could not stand on stage.
Brian Auger and Juile Driscoll , Elton John and Rod the Mod part of ensemble .
Music was Motown and melting pot of Leeds Mid scene. Loved it

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Re: the blue gardenia

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Yes I remember the pinball machine the afficianados of which I never was one could nudge the machine with their hips and never "tilt" it. Also on the side wall was an old Jukebox. 1 play 6p 3 plays 1s (i think). It along with the Conc (Concadora) and the Old Mecca were my home from home through the early/mid sixties (trying to) dance to the bands downstairs, at the BG, in what if we could travel back and see it would have been the worlds tiniest cellar.

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