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Not been around for a while sorry if this has been covered, spoke to a guy yesterday in Leeds told me Tony Hardcastle died we both knew him from 60s just having a drink and a chat with this chap, never seen him before until yesterday,small world indeed.

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Re: Tony

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Who is Tony Hardcastle ??
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Re: Tony

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Hi Willy :).

This Secret Leeds thread has some relevant information ... 5&start=50. See the post by ClaireBear81293 » Sat Sep 13, 2014 11:18 pm and the replies to that.
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Re: Tony

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Tony was a gentle giant. A lovely man. I knew him when he was a doorman at the Old Mecca. I used to help out on the door and on quite moments would just chat away, putting the world to rights. No doubt he had other job(s) but I do not remember. Of everyone who knew him, not one had an unkind word to say.

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