Cherry Tree and other dubious pubs

Top tips for great nights out in Leeds
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Chrism wrote: The Little Park on Hyde Park Road was Bass then Tetley's. (Or maybe the other way round.)     If it was one of the pubs that swapped, it would have been Tetleys first.The Park started life as a freehouse owned by George Hobson selling Finlay's beer. This lasted until 1898 when George retires. The premises were then leased by William Whitakers of Bradford until Feb 1920 then the premises were bought outright by Melbourne. They sold the freehoold to the Prudential Assurance Co in August 1938 but retained a lease on the premises. Tetley's bought out Melbourne in 1959.George Hobson was the father of two sons Edwin and George Jnr; both of whom also became licensees, George at the Acommodation Inn at Upper Accomodation Road, Prospect at Richmond Hill, and the Queen at Roundhay Road. Edwin, who has had a mention [and possibly his photo] in another thread, was licensee of the Fountain Head and Cemetery Tavern [Florence Nightingale] at Beckett Street.    

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[quotenick="Steve266"]Back in the late sixties into the seventies I for my sins was a none musician (Drummer) playing in pubs and clubs all around the country but my fondest memories are playing in Leeds Thursday nights at the Cherry Tree a proper grab a granny night pub anybody rememberWe used to play the Cherry the Victoria (now a pet shop) the Broadway, Migy arms Long burnt downIf you remember the Cherry, it was in the days of electric pumps on the bars and they sold so much beer they did not have it in barrels but a tanker used to deliver twice a week but it was Bass. God they shifted some ale [edited for content] but they sold itAllways good for a fight and we were one of the loudest band's that ever played there we were called various names knuckels. Mendit Mick Dickinson was the singer along with Jim Atkinson Lead, Dennis Birdsall Bass. me on drums such happy daysBefore that I played with the ledgend that is Johnny Joyce at the Plasterers any one rember thatagain we played all over Leeds me John and Pip]hi there. I lived near to the cherry tree and all the local pubs near. johnny joyce had a fantastic group, in fact one of my mates went to live with him and they had a baby. good old days back in the 60's.
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Just come across this, god it brings back some good memories of the Cherry tree, Staging post and Fforde Greene. For a moment I am no longer in my 60's with not much hair, I'm in the ffordy with enough hair to stuff a mattress, drinking ridiculous amounts of beer and watching great bands, Burlesque, Strife, Factory, Bebop, Limelight, etc etc.Happy happy days, the old ears are still ringing.

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